‘The Casual Vacancy’ coming up!


Reminder people! In almost a week’s time, we’d be amidst the whole ruckus of the release of ‘The Casual Vacancy’. Oh, if you still don’t quite know what it is, it’s J.K Rowling’s attempt on another book after the epic and famous Harry Potter series, which took over the literary world by a storm 15 years ago. Personally, I have grown up with this series, and is a major part of my life, and if you quite agree to that, hooray!

The Casual Vacancy‘ is quite the anticipated book of the year, as J.K Rowling’s first try at writing an adult fiction. Her fans, as well as her critics, have already began to speculate and form opinions about this book even before it is released!

The interwebs are buzzing over whether she would be able to get her magic to work again or whether it would be a disappointment. Even the cover of the book wasn’t left alone; it was criticized / appreciated (whatever you may call it) to the last pixel. Nevertheless, many people have ordered the book online and I wouldn’t be surprised if people line up in front of bookstore, on the first day, to get their hands on a copy.

What do you think? Will this book be as popular as it is speculated, or this is just over hyped, and it could just turn out as a plain piece of fiction, later to be forgotten? Sure the book is hyped out just because it has a famous name attached to it, the favorite J.K Rowling, but personally I wouldn’t go off buying the book, just because she wrote it. Ebook it is! *timid smile*

One another note, I wish they hurried up with the books and extra material on Pottermore, it’s like taking forever! It maybe won’t be wrong to assume the delay is because of the new book. Nevertheless, J.K Rowling shouldn’t forget about the series which got her the immense fame, over an upcoming book, that may be a disappointment later.