Real, unreal; who knows?

How did you wake up this morning? Your mom woke you up? Or your hubby? Girlfriend? Boyfriend? A human? Or that annoying ringing device we all dearly call it the ‘alarm clock’? I can tell you, I woke with my tab buzzing near my ear every 5 minutes. Not to forget, the cellphone and the amount of calls, messages, Facebook and Twitter notifications. From the start of your day till the time you hit the bed for a good night’s sleep, you’re constantly in touch with the world. Oh no, not that physical touch, who does that nowadays? It’s through some electronic device or the other, through some technology.

Technology; it can never leave us, and we cannot leave it. It’s just there in front of us, behind us, left, right, oh wait, everywhere! No, it’s not like I’m being skeptical of technology or something, it is doing that job it has been assigned and destined to do; make our lives easier. That is the whole purpose of humans spending precious time trying to build up that technology so that one day it helps ease our functions throughout the day. At times, we are really thankful that particular technology exists; sometimes we curse it for not being good enough for a particular use.

So now that technology has become an integral part of life, it’s always been an heated topic of debate; the advocates can list you one after the other why we do need technology in our life; like wise the critics can also list out why technology might be killing us day by day. Regardless, the technology is doing the job it has been assigned to do; the question remains how much we, as humans, are letting it affect us.

Technology has surprised us in many ways. Ever since the beginning of the literary or entertainment world in general, technology is one genre that is sought after; all those sci-fi novels, comics, movies, and the sorts. No doubt, themes like technology taking over the human world and the constant war between the real and the virtual worlds are quite dominant, thus we have movies like The Matrix trilogy and the Tron series to support those themes.

Poster Remake Meme – The Matrix

The Matrix is the first of the trilogy series, released in the year 1999. The story revolves around the character Thomas Anderson, who lives a dual life also under the name Neo. He’s contacted one day by a computer ‘voice’ called Morpheus and slowly throughout the movie, we see how Neo is made to come in terms with the truth other than what he believed else wise. He is said to be ‘The One’ who can save the human race from the Matrix; a computer-generated dreamworld built by the machines to control human minds. The Matrix trilogy is more than what it seems; we could write a foot long essay also and still won’t be able to justify the ideas discussed or our opinions about this movie.

Poster Remake Meme – Tron: Legacy

The Tron series, first released in 1982 and its sequel in 2010, is also another sci fi movie with the similar theme. It revolves around the character Kevin Flynn, a programmer who gets dragged into the world of his own programmed game, while trying to save his work being stolen by his own boss. The movie deals with his battle for his own survival in the game world and his attempt to save that world from the MCP (the master control program), an artificial intelligence program, who has the evil plan to take over the world, both the virtual and real. The sequel deals how his son, Sam Flynn, gets involved in a similar situation and tries to save his father, who’s again stuck in the virtual world he was trying to construct, called ‘The Grid’, and Sam, Kevin Flynn and the last standing ‘ISO’ Quorra attempt to stop Clu, the antagonist, to take over both the worlds.

The movies are similar across various themes. There is acknowledgement of both a real world and virtual world, and transporting from both these world is definitely possible. There is a menacing antagonist (or companies) who wants to use the produced technology for materialistic gain and take over the world. The protagonists are in war to protect the real world from being consumed by technology and keep that line between the two worlds from blurring.

Similar plots it may seem, but they are different in their own ways. The movies are produced in different time periods, and the use of special effects and advanced ideas, is tremendously commendable, keeping the technological limitations in mind of that time. In my opinion, the directors and scriptwriters of the Matrix have done a brilliant job in keeping the audience engaged throughout the movie, not leaving any loopholes unanswered, thus being the box office hit of that year. The story line is complex and mind boggling, but does leave a lasting impact on the mind. Tron, on the other hand, couldn’t manage to do the same. Nonetheless, the visual and special effects used in ‘Tron: Legacy’ were the eye candy you look forward to in sci fi movies.

Light trails, lasers, disk wars, that unimaginable speed, fights, mind bending powers, bullet saving moves, machines, that blurring line between the real world and the virtual world; all captivate the mind for a good 2 or more hours and always remain the point of fascination for all ages. Concepts like these shall prevail as long as the audience is interested to watch or their intellect is challenged to understand the complex worlds of the reality and virtual reality.