Rumor has it! – Twitter to introduce filters for photos.

Looks like Twitter isn’t holding back and is ready to jump onto the ‘edit-your-picture-with-all-those-hipster-cool-filters-and-then-share’ bandwagon – well at least that’s what some reports say.

Though there hasn’t been any official announcement yet from Twitter, this report, by  Nick Bilton from New York Times, suggests that Twitter plans to bring in filters for photos; nope, not those basic ones, but actual Instagram-like filters, allowing users to click pictures, edit, and share them without a third party interference. Well even if they may be rumors, reasons are in plentiful to believe for them to be true. As we know, Twitter had plans to purchase Instagram, but instead, lost it to Facebook, who purchased it for a billion dollars. Then Twitter took a bigger step in July, severing Instagram’s API access for the app’s “Find Your Friends” feature, therefore, now making us believe they’re unto something!

According to the same report, Twitter plans to roll out this feature in the coming months. This update would be available on their mobile apps, but for now there’s no news on whether it’ll be available on the Web. Opinion wise, if they do, this Web feature may be the winning point against Instagram, which is only a mobile application so far, but you may never know.

There has been mixed opinions over this news; some welcome this as a huge step towards the whole outlook on photo sharing on Twitter, yet some think it’s ‘too little, too late’ and Twitter is wasting their time in bringing up something new, rather than solving existing problems in hand.

Personally, I would welcome this move. Most of us take pictures via Instagram and then share it on Twitter or Facebook since there is definitely a larger following on those. Also since I cannot afford a nice yet pocket damaging data connection to manage my ‘not Twitter or Facebook’ apps, yet love to use filters, I usually have to come back to a place where there’s nice WiFi and then share my pictures, and thereby totally lose the whole point of ‘sharing on the go’. It’ll also be interesting to see how they work this out for the Twitter for Blackberry app, with BB 10 coming out soon, and their lack of initiative towards building an official app for the Blackberry Playbook.